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What is Your Financial Trigger?

There are a few times a year when the volume of calls to my office from people seeking financial advice goes way up. One of them is in January when New Year’s resolutions are top of mind and another is the 30 or so days leading up to the tax deadline in mid-April. The “January […]

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Interesting Financial Blogs – Really!

When I get an extra hour in a day, I like to go on-line and read my favorite financial blogs. Not only do they keep me up-to-date on business news, but I always learn something that I can use in my life or share with clients. I have a feeling that this pastime is not […]

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The Truth About Diversification

Most investment advisors  (including me) believe that  building and maintaining a diversified portfolio is the most prudent way to invest clients’ money. Not only do numerous studies of asset class returns back this up, but no matter how smart and experienced the advisor is, it’s near impossible to predict with consistency which asset class will […]

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A Financial English Primer

Call it “finglish,” or financial English. Financial and economic terms dominate the news nowadays, amid talk of fiscal cliffs and eurozone troubles. Plus, new financial terms crop up all the time for a new product or strategy, like quantitative easing. Since the news is particularly ripe with financial terms right now, it is a great […]

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Long Term Asset Class Performance

Stock Market Volatility Doesn’t Imply Direction of the Stock Market – It’s The Price We Pay for a Higher Return

Stock market volatility doesn’t imply direction of the stock market – it’s the price we pay for a higher return. Repeat this phrase to yourself whenever you feel anxiety overcoming logic and you’re tempted to sell your stocks into cash. After you calm down, take time to review your portfolio to determine whether it’s allocated in […]

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The Ten Trillion Dollar Gamble

Book Review: The Ten Trillion Dollar Gamble: The Coming Deficit Debacle and How To Invest Now

U.S. federal deficits and the national debt are hot topics these days and for good reason. The federal deficit in 2010 was $1.3 trillion and the amount of gross federal debt outstanding (the national debt) is now $14 trillion. No one expects these to stop growing anytime soon. Economists call the U.S. type of deficit […]

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Fee-Only Planner’s Simple Truth #6: Saving,Investing,Diversifying and Rebalancing Lead to Financial Success.

This is an investment strategy that works, all it takes is a good plan and discipline. Simply Put: Saving is the process of reserving a portion of current income for future use. Investing is putting those savings to work to increase wealth. Diversifying and rebalancing are investment strategies meant to increase the likelihood of success. […]

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Financial Housekeeping: What To Do with Those “Old” 401(k)s

There is no shame in owning multiple 401(k) or 403(b) accounts—the fact that they exist indicates a commitment to retirement saving. What may bring on a twinge of guilt (and rightfully so) is the neglect of these accounts, such as ignoring how the money is invested and leaving quarterly statements unopened. Sound familiar? Rest assured […]

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