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Short List for your Finances 2014

There are many actions you can take to improve your finances, and that’s sometimes the problem. I have compiled a short list of ideas that can make a real difference in your financial health. Copy and paste this short list into Evernote or other list-making software or  print it out and tape it to your […]

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Simple Truth About Money #5: The Longer You Live The More Money You Will Need

Simple Truth #5:  The Longer You Live The More Money You Will Need None of us knows how long we will live. But you can be sure that the longer you live the more money you will need.  According to IRS issued life expectancy tables, the life expectancy for a 25 year old is 83.2, […]

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Financial Housekeeping: What To Do with Those “Old” 401(k)s

There is no shame in owning multiple 401(k) or 403(b) accounts—the fact that they exist indicates a commitment to retirement saving. What may bring on a twinge of guilt (and rightfully so) is the neglect of these accounts, such as ignoring how the money is invested and leaving quarterly statements unopened. Sound familiar? Rest assured […]

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Planning and Chance

    The moment I heard about the Bay Bridge near-catastrophe….I thought oh, my God, that could have been me, my husband, or any one of the many people I know and love who cross the Bridge regularly. As it turned out, I did know one of the people who was on the bridge that […]

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