Do You Need a Prenup?

According to news reports, when Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise announced their divorce, there wasn’t much of a question of how the couple’s assets would be split. That’s because a detailed prenuptial agreement outlined exactly what would happen, financially speaking, if the couple split. It’s been said that Holmes walked away with only those assets […]

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The Panelists

The Business of Food

The following is a guest post by Laurie Zerga, founder and Chief Culinary Officer of Chef-K, Culinary Health Education for Kids. Laurie’s company provides culinary programs that combine nutrition, the science of food safety, cooking instruction and table etiquette for kids ages five through eighteen. Her primary clients are organizations that support youth and families, […]

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A Financial English Primer

Call it “finglish,” or financial English. Financial and economic terms dominate the news nowadays, amid talk of fiscal cliffs and eurozone troubles. Plus, new financial terms crop up all the time for a new product or strategy, like quantitative easing. Since the news is particularly ripe with financial terms right now, it is a great […]

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The Truth About Women and Money

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a group of women, all between 20 and 30 years old, about money. Many of them were living on their own for the first time and just starting their careers. It was also the first time they had ever talked to a professional about their personal finances, […]

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Getting Comfortable With The Uncomfortable

Getting Comfortable With The Uncomfortable. (Or, How CrossFit is like Investing) In the past year, many people I know have taken up a new exercise program called CrossFit.  When I see someone looking particularly sinuous and sleek I don’t even have to ask anymore – I know their regularly visiting the CrossFit gym.  My super-fit  […]

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Simple Truth About Money #5: The Longer You Live The More Money You Will Need

Simple Truth #5:  The Longer You Live The More Money You Will Need None of us knows how long we will live. But you can be sure that the longer you live the more money you will need.  According to IRS issued life expectancy tables, the life expectancy for a 25 year old is 83.2, […]

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Alice Anna Disse, My Mother July 26,1921- July 18, 2012

July 26, 2012 This past week I’ve been thinking about mom non-stop. So many images and memories flashing through my head from the past. And then writing this eulogy…how can a few paragraphs portray this wonderful woman and all the love we had for her? Imagine this: Raising six children: Patty, Steph, Me, Clare, Greg […]

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Finglish Lesson #3: “Fiscal Cliff” and “Taxageddon”

The “fiscal cliff” and “taxageddon” refer to a convergence of fiscal events (or government spending and tax policies that influence the economy) slated to occur almost simultaneously at the end of 2012. If these terms aren’t on your radar yet, they are sure to be soon, as the media loves nothing better than drama and […]

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Prepare to Care For Aging Parents

On my drives to visit my mom at her assisted living home in Petaluma, California, I reflect on how lucky my siblings and I are that she is comfortable and well cared for and that my parents were vigilant savers. Mom will be 91 in July. She voluntarily moved into an assisted living home in […]

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