The Happiness Spreadsheet
How to Create a Life Aligned with Your Values, Beliefs and Ideals

The Happiness Spreadsheet is really three things-an idea, a document and a way of life.  Here’s the idea: If you can think differently and more consciously about the relationship between your spending, your values and your happiness, your life can change dramatically. As a document, The Happiness Spreadsheet provides the structure for you to turn this idea into reality. The payoff? You can use your Happiness Spreadsheet to both monitor and recalibrate the role that money plays in your everyday life.
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10 Simple Truths About Money ebook
Learning financial concepts and managing money can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. There are Simple Truths About Money that can change your life. This ebook is meant to be an easy reference guide to simple but powerful ideas about money that will help you achieve financial security.
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12 Simple Steps to Financial Success 2012 Calendar
A monthly reminder of simple but powerful things you can do to help achieve financial security in a calendar format.
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12 Months of Simple Truths About Money 2011 Calendar
The 10 Simple Truths about Money – plus 2 –  in a calendar format.
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